The best way to ensure your product works is to try it out on yourself. Nothing like going to the extreme of burning your kitchen down to ensure that your product really works!

Eighteen months ago I left oil in a pan on my stove and went out to call my children.  I got distracted by a neighbour and 15mins later there was black smoke bellowing out of my windows and front door.

My immediate thought was to get the flame out so I picked up the burning pan and threw it out the back door, in the process caused 2nd degree burns to my right hand. 

From day two (only because the hospital dressed the first day), I applied Jouvence Serum and Creme de Jouvence morning and night. Within 4 weeks my hand was completely back to normal.  I have suffer with keloid scaring and to-date I don't have one scar from my burning kitchen experience.

I completely believe in my product. - Jenny


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