Rosy Skin

Rosy complexions are often referred to as a condition call ROSACEA. If this condition is left untreated, visible blood vessels may appear and the skin may become redder. Eventually, bumps and pimples can develop.  If you think you might have Rosacea its important to get professional advice.

Rosacea/Rosy complexions can be dry, oily, or normal skin types. You will follow your regular skin routine and apply Douceur de Teint (Cream for rosy skins) under your regular moisturiser.

This cream is designed to help calm rosy complexions, broken veins and very sensitive skins that blush. Apply the Douceur de Teint morning and evening after cleansing particularly on sensitive areas.  Douceur de teint sooths, softens and relieves. At the heart of its formula there is a selection of natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory, astringent anti-free radicals and vaso-protective properties.

Ingredients: Beewax, Lanolin, Red grape vine, Frankincenese, St John's wort and Cynorrhodon (rose hip).