Oily and Combination Skin


Cleanse thoroughly:


Gently warm a squeeze of Silky Cleansing Milk in your palm then gently rub all over your face and throat using circular movements. Rinse with warm water or tissue off.




Squeeze a small blob of Facial Deep Cleansing Gel into your palm, rub to create a foam and then rub gently over your face and throat.  Rinse off with warm water.


On a cotton pad apply Silky Toning Lotion. (Don't skip this step... it removes any residual dirt and balances your skin for the next step)


Exfoliate once a month


Exfoliation is where you remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, this helps to give you a healthy glow, but don't use it too often as it also stimulates oil production, once or twice a month is plenty.  


Use a small squeeze of Facial Exfoliate Cream then using your fingertips, make small circular movements over your face and throat.  The slight grainy feel is helping to loosen the dry and dead skin cells.  Be careful to not rub hard.  Rinse with warm water, and use the toner again.




Masks are a lovely way of treating your skin.  The Cranberry Mask is a deep cleansing, soothing mask that helps to remove impurities, but does not dry out your skin.  It leaves you with a soft and smooth texture.  Apply a thin layer all over the face, avoiding the eye area and lips. Leave on for 10 mins (or longer) and then gently remove with warm water.




White Lotus Cream this is an award winning formula that moisturises while controlling the sebum production, ideal for skins prone to occasional break-out.


Cream AA is a stunning new Anti-Ageing moisturiser, light in texture but deep in moisturising.  This cream leaves your skin smooth and rehydrated, whilst delivering gentle nourishment.  This cream can also be used under the eyes


For a sensitive skin and younger complexions the My Sensitive Skin is a light and gentle moisturiser.


Night care – Cleanse thoroughly and follow with your moisturiser.


Often Combination skin types have a T-Zone which is the oily area

or the areas that are dry.