Acne Skin Care

When evaluating the causes of acne it is important to understand the different types of this ailment. Mild Acne has different triggers compared to those of severe forms. Acne is caused in teenages and adults for many reasons; hormones, stress, diet, vitamin deficiency and more. Acne caused great uncomforted and embarrassment, especially in your teenage years. If acne is not treated correctly it can cause long term scaring.

Being given the wide range of products destined to heal the skin indentations caused by acne choosing the best acne scar cream may be overwhelming for people affected by this unpleasant condition. So before picking a product, one should get more familiar with the action, benefits, ingredients and common side-effects of these acne scar removal creams or treatments.

An efficient acne scar treatment whether we talk about medicines taken orally or gels and ointments applied topically, should be able not only to cure the unaesthetic pitted or pigmented scars, but also to promote skin regeneration. This property is essential for a good acne scar removal cream so one should keep this in mind when looking for an efficient treatment for scars caused by acne.

Jean d'Avèze has two amazing products for the treatment of acne, Creme de Jouvence and Jouvacnet.  Creme de Jouvence promotes rapid dermal cell regeneration through hydration to the inner dermis.  Creme de Jouvence promotes new collagen production and has a natural antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties.  All of these elements are essential to effectively treatment of acne.

Jouvacnet being non-comedogenic (Non-Pores clogging cream) acts on the microbial flora and regulates the sebum production. The cream tightens the skin pores and reduces shine. The hyaluronic acid helps with cicatrization. In days you can notice a drastic improvement of the skin complexion and clear condition.

Its important to follow these steps when treating acne:

1.  Ensure that you use a clean towel everytime you dry your face.

2.  Always "pat" dry your face, so that you don't irritate scabs or pimples, or stimulate sebum production excessively.

3.  You must Cleanse and Tone the face and neck area morning and night.

4.  Apply Creme de Jouvence in the evening.

5.  Apply Jouvacnet in the day time.

6.  Ensure that you have a clean pillow case.

7.  Watch your diet and ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

8.  NEVER pick or squeeze your face, this can cause permanent marks.

9. Do not exfoliate.